Welcome to VitalTrax

We're technology people. In 2017 we launched PatientWing, our patient engagement platform that empowers patients to discover, make an informed decision, connect with research sites instantly and become a key to help discover new medical treatments.

Our Solution

A clinical trial enrollment & patient engagement platform built with a mission to empower clinical trial participants.

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Our Founders

Meet the people who created VitalTrax. VitalTrax began in 2016 when we decided that the clinical trials participants deserved a better tool that didn't exist yet.

Zikria Syed
Chief Executive Officer
Todd Kueny
Chief Technology Officer

About VitalTrax

Jan 2016

VitalTrax established

We launched our company with a mission to bring creativity and advanced technology to clinical trials industry.

March 2017

Succsessfully funded through
Digital Health Funding Initiative

VitalTrax was the first to receive funds from digital health funding initiative by Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Independence Blue Cross and Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.

Sep 2017

Launch of PatientWing

Our patient engagement and enrollment platform.