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Patients play a very important role in clinical trials. Yet, the general public are still unsure about participating in one. One of our main goals is to increase patient awareness in clinical trials. Without patients, clinical trials do not happen.

For clinical study teams, we’re creating an enterprise platform to run your trials efficiently. For site teams, we’re making it specifically easier to recruit and communicate with patients during the trial.

Clinical trials can be simple and approachable. Our passionate team is working very hard to make this crucial process easy for everyone involved.


Zikria Syed

Chief Executive Officer

Todd Kueny Jr

Chief Technology Officer

Grayson Ferrante

Product Manager

Penn Kueny

Product Designer

Ibrahim Altos

Lead Developer

Michael Collier

Cloud Infrastructure Manager


David Stein

David Stein, president and owner of D. Bartley Consulting, is an eClinical Consultant with over 25 years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience ranging from successful start-ups and M&A to managing clinical technology product portfolios for large corporations. He has specialized in bringing new products, technologies and software to the eClinical market. He was also co-founder at President of Provenda Biometrics, an early ePRO company, which he and the partners sold to Phase Forward (now part of Oracle). David has authored a number of articles, as well as some book chapters and is often invited to speak at conferences and events.

About Us

VitalTrax delivers complete patient engagement solution for today’s clinical trials comprising of a cloud based enterprise platform and a mobile application for patients.

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